It’s Loving Day

It was on this day in 1967 that the United States Supreme Court decided a case that made it possible for folks like the Spousal Unit and I to get married. Richard and Mildred Loving, a white man and a black woman married in 1958. Unfortunately at that time there were states that still had anti-miscegnation laws on the books that made that simple act a crime. You can look up the story of their lives to get the historical background needless to say as someone who has been involved in an interracial relationship since the early 1990’s, the story of the Lovings is one I have come to know.

I rarely write about my marriage and the fact that I am married interracially on this blog since after all these years, I simply see the Spousal Unit as a man who happens to be my husband and yeah he’s white. There is also the fact though I have been pretty intentional in stating that should we ever for any reason part company I most likely would never date interracially again.  Yeah, I know that sounds bad and yes the Spousal Unit is aware of my feelings lucky for him, I have no intentions to unload him anytime soon.

 However folks like myself do have a debt to the Lovings because if I thought it was hard to be married to my first husband in 1991 who was white, I can only imagine how hard it had to be back the late 1950’s. Even now there are still moments of the uncomfortable pause when folks realize we are married. Of course I will never forget when my first husband and I were married and I was pregnant with the elder boy and we were out at the old Grant Park in Chicago and a white woman came up to my then husband looked at me with disgust and said to my then husband “What white woman did you so bad….” you can fill in the blanks.

We have come a long way baby! Yet we have so much further to go when it comes to marriage equality in this country but that’s another post.

HappyLoving Day!

Planes, Trains, Automobiles and a Graduation

Hello Readers,

I am back from my travels to far away and exotic lands known as Chicago, Il and Kenosha, WI. Let me tell you it was an adventure indeed considering I got up at 1:30 am on Saturday morning to catch a 6 am flight 2 states over in Boston, MA. I was reminded of why it’s been a while since I hopped on a plane…good Lord! Why do we even bother getting dressed when we head to the airport? It might actually make things much easier if we arrived at the airport buck naked and sent our luggage ahead via Fed Ex. Yep, I got jokes.  Thankfully I cleared security and was allowed on the plane, to be met at Midway airport by my Pops and my brother both of whom I had not actually laid eyes on since about 2006. Before catching the train to Kenosha, I was able to catch a fabulous diner breakfast at the White Palace Diner over on Roosevelt Rd as well as tour the brand spanky new Millenium Park. It is a beauty.

Anyway I won’t give you the blow by blow but a good time was had by all and here a a few pics from my travels.

I rarely will post a picture of myself online so I will probably remove it in a few days so enjoy for now. Its a busy week at work but I will be back soon sharing some thoughts on big cities. Until we meet again, ciao.

Off to the city and to see a son graduate

Black Girl in Maine is coming out of her cave to hit the big city! Seriously, all jokes aside my son graduates from high school this Saturday in Wisconsin and since his location is mere minutes away from the Illinois border, I will be doing a quick stop in my hometown of Chicago.

It’s been six years since I have been home and as the time passes I miss it less and less. But it is the city of my birth, I did spend damn near 30 years there and hey the best pizza in the world is there.  Oh and yeah what’s left of my family of origin also is there, so not only will I see my boy graduate I will visit with family members.

Speaking of the son, a few folks have asked what happened as far as his college plans. Well after his first round of applications netted 3 no’s and 1 waitlist, we did a second round of applications and hit the jackpot. He was accepted to St. Norbert’s College in Wisconsin, a small Catholic liberal arts school that not only accepted him but gave him a generous scholarship (and it wasn’t even for being a half a Negro). So while we were looking forward to him coming back to the east coast for college, as anyone with a college bound kid knows, generally you go with the school that comes up off the most shekels. Since at this stage in my life being a pole dancer probably is not the greatest option for funding his college education and bank robbers never net much money!

All jokes aside, I am proud as hell of my son. Anyone raising a young man of color understands the challenges inherent in that task. So this evening I say to my son (who reads my blog) I am proud as hell of you, I say even to my ex spouse thanks for riding the boy to keep him in line.  In this case it truly took a village to raise my son and I am thankful for that village.

I will catch ya’ll on the flip side and might even break my own policy of not posting pics of my family when I return.  Ciao for now.