Friday Ramble

Tis Friday which means its time for me to wind down for the week. Looks like McCain will indeed show up for the debate, so hopefully I can steal some TV time away from the girl child to catch this debate. Speaking of the election and world happenings, it seems another bank bit the dust. Bye-Bye WAMU, you assholes turned me down for a card last year and now you are no more… guess I didn’t need that card anyway.

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, how come every time you open your mouth up, you just dig a deeper hole of possibly being dumber than the current president. I caught the second part of Palin’s interview with Katie Couric this morning and nearly dumped my coffee all over the keyboard. Any moment I expected Palin to do an ole school “Sike” and really answer the fucking questions. I was at a blog this morning where the blogger said that despite Palin’s fancy clothes, hair, glasses, and make-up, she really belongs in a trailer park, now I know not all trailer park residents are dumber than bricks but Palin is pretty fucking stupid. Instead of getting the cliff notes for questions, someone needs to give her a primer of World Events 101 for the past 20 years… I mean when the Rethugs themselves start publicly and loudly declaring she is not right for the gig, well you know its bad.

Anyway today’s post is short since the spousal unit and I are cutting our respective work days short to steal a little time together before we free mini- me from the child work place known as daycare/preschool. Rain is projected all this weekend here in Maine, but I am hoping I can keep my promise to myself to keep off the computer when its not an actual work day, instead planning to connect with family and friends.

Have a happy weekend and see ya on Monday. If the world keeps going as its been lately, maybe only one more financial institution will go belly-up this weekend and the debates will actually yield something positive. Peace out!

What is this? The Twilight Zone

Ok, with all the world happenings, its time to take a break from talking about me and my life and rant about the world at large. Is it just me, or is anyone else starting to feel like we are living in some extended episode of the Twilight Zone?

Seriously, we all knew that when it became clear that Obama had a real chance at winning back in the primaries when he was up against Hills that this was going to be one for the history books. Then when he actually got the nomination and the convention happened, we knew it was going to be exciting or at the very least interesting as hell. Yet who knew that McCain was going to start getting nuttier than a fruitcake first by picking Sarah”dumb ass” Palin, and now this latest stunt, suspend the campaign. Um, dawg the election is what 39-40 days a way, now is not the time to suspend shit. In fact an intelligent person might say its a good time to show us (that would be the American simpletons) what you working with, give us some insight into your game plan. No, it is not the time to take a time out. In fact taking a time out right now looks bad, but I suspect the Rethugs will spin this shit so that in the end Obama will look power hungry and they will remind us that ole John is all about “Country First” as his motto tell us.

Maybe he is taking a break because well this is a man that up until a few days ago truly  believed the economy was fundamentally strong, but wait then he told us it was the American worker who was strong… um, which is it? Or are you having a senior moment?

Don’t even get me started on Bernanke and Paulson who are now trying to beg for the bailout otherwise the country will be fucked..newsflash mutha fucker, the average American is already screwed, I say if Wall Street gets a bailout where is my bailout? I am sure that pesky bill collector would be happy if I could pay him but guess what I don’t have any cash and ya know what, I am learning to live within my means. Yeah, I got a collector or two calling me these days, see when I lost my job last year and the family income took a nosedive Mr. Visa and Mr Discover didn’t want the $10 a month I offered, so they sent a sista to collections. I will pay them but right now my priority is on keeping the basics, you know shelter, lights, food etc taken care of and whatever else left goes to the collectors alas I am not paying as fast as they would like, but what can I do? After all I doubt I am alone, but for average Joe/Jane we can’t get a bailout and that silly stimulus they gave us was basically gone before it got here, in my case it saved me from owing a ton more to the IRS. See no bailouts for us simpletons means I am gonna have to fix the old car rather than getting a newer one. See, once upon a time in America we were not a nation of consumers, we actually produced something, now we have an economy based on consumption and now the average Joe is realizing we can’t keep up. Call me crazy, but maybe its time for a collective shift in how we do things.

Back in the old days, eating out was a treat, not a right. Shopping is what you did when you needed something not because you were bored and no one outside of the hip cats and artists drank espressos and they weren’t served at places as ubiquitous as Starbucks. No espresso to go, you went to the place and sat down and drank it. Now $5 drinks are all the norm or least they were before average Joe’s realized they needed to start cutting back.

I’m not saying the market needs to crash and burn but rather we need to make a fundamental shift back to living within our means and not getting caught up. Right now this bailout is intended to get the markets flowing, it seems credit is getting harder to get for Joe Sixpack, I don’t know maybe that is not a bad thing. Hell, when I was young you saved your ducats and bought when you had the money, you wanted a house, you saved until you had at least 20% down, not no money down. Sorry but buying a house with no cash down is just a fancy form of renting IMO.

So while the powers to be are all screaming the economy is screwed, tell me something I didn’t already know. As for McCain, guess the big question is will he show up for the debate or will he call up like he did David Letterman with some bullshit excuse.

Nope, I dare say this country is starting to look like some strange episode of the Twilight Zone, where the rich get even richer and everyone else barely gets by. Where the fat cats on Wall Street are screaming they need help, yet just 2 years ago folks at the same firms going belly-up were getting bonuses that were equal to the town budget in places like Maine.

In any event we have 39 more days of fun shit before we find out who will lead us out of this mess we are in thanks to the Bush-Cheney regime.

Protect us from the simpletons

Sorry I have been MIA for longer than usual, but both me and the little one have been battling some nasty bug. Plus I have clients going crazy which has meant little time for blogging.

Anyway today as the spousal unit and I once again were discussing the sorry state of America and the 2008 election and the fact that Sarah “Simpleton” Palin seems to be wowing the average American. I was reminded that once upon a time in America white folks tried to prevent Black folks from voting by creating poll taxes and literacy tests. My father is old enough to have seen his father subjected to these inhumane practices, thankfully the Voting Rights Act of 1965 did away with this nonsense. Which is why what I am about to say will seem crazy as hell.

I say we need to make a test that all voting age Americans who register to vote must take, now no this would not be a basic literacy test. It would be a test of the issues facing the nation, you know shit like the state of the economy, real threats not the shit that we are hearing from folks who would have us to believe we are on some sort of mission from God. Now the Blues Brothers is one of my favorites movies and when they dropped that line in the flick, it was funny as hell yet when I hear vice presidential candidates basically state we are on a mission from God, now that shit makes my blood run cold. I admit I am a former pacifist and while I do believe there are times when wars are unavoidable lets not make a habit of fighting for the sake of fighting either.

When folks start basing their voting choices off the fact that so and so seems nice and like them, I say its time to do something drastic hence the creation of the issues test. If you can’t pass a test that shows you really know what’s going on in the world then guess what no voting rights for you until you can pass the test. Now I know some folks will scream its discriminatory as hell, yep it is but maybe voting should be a  right you gotta earn similar to driving a car. You need to prove you know what the fuck is going on, see after almost 8 years of Bush-Cheney we cannot afford another 4 years in the same sad sack state where our rights our being eroded and America is slipping into second world status but as long as the plasma tv and 1000 channels works on the cable we sit by and wonder why gas and food is going up.

Nope, the voting test means folks would have to think more critically than any of the shit that is spewed on Fox News and while I don’t want to see folks of color disenfranchised, this little test would also rid the voting pool of a fair chunk of white folks too so it would be fair.

Now if only we could make this test mandatory for the folks running for office, after all just because Alaska is close to Russia does not give one any idea of what goes on over there.

In any event, my plan is radical and unthinkable but at least a girl can dream.