Sarah..the secret weapon

So last night I stayed up (damn near fell asleep) to catch the GOP’s vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin give her speech. I daresay that after having to endure Mike Huckabee’s bad attempt at humor (glad to know he got some real soap when he went to college), I almost turned off the tv but I must say I am glad I waited to catch Mizz Sarah’s debut on the world stage.

Houston, we may have a problem. Notice I did not say we have one, I said we may have one. See after spending all weekend wondering what the fuck was goings on in McNasty’s mind, after seeing the multi-talented Sarah on stage, I now see why he chose her. Screw getting Hillary’s angry ass supporters, no Sarah speaks to the that rather large group that my boy Obama just cannot seem to wrap his arms around. Sarah speaks directly to that group that says, well the Repubs got nothing for me but damn it, I don’t know about that Negra with the funny name. Never mind that the reality is that both Michelle and Barack Obama’s life stories are the stories this country was built on.. pull yourself up by your boot straps. Problem is Obama and Michelle, I suspect like me, you won’t ever catch them hunting anything, to middle America they just seem different. But Sarah, she is like every-woman (actually a women at the redneck hoedown did say say Sarah was like every woman), even down to the bad ass kids she can’t control.

Damn it, I think even the pregnant daughter story might actually work to her and McNasty’s good. See the folks they hope to capture, are the kinda folks whose kids do go to the military and maybe even have babies early. McNasty maybe you are not the senile fool, I thought you were but you are still crazy as hell.

Now thinking folks know Sarah didn’t say shit of substance, for a nobody she came out talking shit and reading her lines the way the fancy scriptwriters told her, and while it may laughable to even think she could actually help McNasty win, remember that most Americans are not critical thinkers. Gas is $4 a gallon and folks don’t want to hear that they have to change their lifestyle, in other words stop pushing the whip when you are only going a mile away from home. So when we hear drilling that sounds good as hell, fuck the fact that its a short term solution at best. People don’t wanna hear that, and McNasty and Sarah surely won’t make folks listen to that nonsense, by all means drill and lets create new energy sources. Clearly neither Sarah or McNasty are familiar with James Howard Kunstler, maybe they should google him and get a better understanding about how life in America will eventually be, but that’s another post.

Nope, Sarah has a spunkiness that definitely came through, kinda like a Norma Ray. In that speech I saw at least 2 maybe 3 different persona’s, scrappy fighter woman, shit-talker and them just every day Mom and wife whose just been with her guy for 2 decades and 5 kids.

All this to say that Obama, me and you may not see eye to eye on all the issues but I want you to win, look maybe you need to look a sista up in Maine, see I am originally from the Chi-town but after years in Maine, I know how to connect with small town folks. I think you need some lessons on how to connect, maybe we can get on a boat and catch some lobster, imagine that photo op. All jokes aside, the Obama campaign has just received notice that they cannot be caught sleeping because Sarah’s mission is to assist in getting that working class vote that would escape a guy like Obama and maybe even McCain and not to be a pessimist, but I think she’s got a shot.

More observations on the redneck hoedown later, but its early here in Maine so time to drink my coffee.

Amazing times..mulling over Obama

I am in the midst of dealing with a ton of personal stuff this week, elder child is wrapping up his summer and getting ready to head back to his Pops house. I have been on a mad tour of preschools, turns out looking for the right preschool for a 3 year old is much like looking for the right college these days. Plus I have back to back deadlines for clients which while ultimately good for my pocketbook is bad for my short term sanity.

All that said, today the enormity of Barack Obama actually becoming the Democratic nominee just hit me, it truly was not that many years ago us Black folks were still drinking out the colored water fountains and putting up with some really stank ass shit, in other words living like second tier citizens. My own Pops lived through much of it, since he was born and reared in rural Arkansas, he saw his own Dad fighting to vote.

Yet in just one generation, we have gone from seeing Black folks fighting to vote to actually being able to vote for a Black man. Now I will be the first one to say that as racist as America is, I at 35 never expected to see this day happen. I figured this might happen in my kids generation, but never in my own. But we are here, so tonight I sit back and just enjoy this moment. Clearly its not a done deal, Obama is going to have bring it 200% if he actually plans to win this shit since there are plenty of racists that would rather let a crazy old war mongering bastard be in charge, bit tonight join me in celebrating this victory and remembering the ancestors.. many who gave their lives for the possibility that tonight would become a reality.

Revisiting White Privilege and the Hillary Supporters

Last night I had a chance to catch Michelle Obama’s speech at the DNC convention, all I can say is wow! I swear I like her better than her husband, she appears to be authentic, I look at her and see myself and so many other Black women in her.. she represents well.

So I went to bed, feeling warm and fuzzy since between that emotional speech and those 2 gorgeous daughters, I was feeling good that I actually had the chance to catch the happenings last night.

Well the bubble was busted this morning when I woke up to my usual dose of NPR and the coverage about last night’s happenings at the DNC and they were discussing the Hillary factor, and had a couple of die hard Hillary supporters being interviewed. Let me just say they pissed me off, both women were clearly white, one described herself as an academic, the other a professional. They both spoke of how passionately they believed in Hillary and just needed proper closure before they could even consider supporting Obama. Wait! Hold the fuck up… you need closure. Um, newsflash, your candidate lost, time to move the fuck on.

Then it hit me, what has been bothering me most about the Clinton supporters who cannot let go and those that have  expressed the fucked up thought that they would rather vote for McCain over Obama (um, that’s not even logical but what the fuck does a little black chick from Maine know?). I think what bugs me most is that every time I hear these women speak, I am hearing them speak from a place of white privilege yet none of them would dare call it that. Oh, no, its coded in such a way that it sounds good, they use deep words, very emotional and moving language that while passionate, what they are really saying is  that losing to a nigger was never part of their expectations. I rarely use the n-word here but this is one time it feels fitting.  No, white privilege is predicated on the very false notion that whites are better than lowly people of color? Now, I admit I am not going to take the academic route here but white privilege is real and I sincerely believe the reason Clinton supporters can’t let go is that losing to a man of color is just not acceptable. When one operates from a place of privilege they in essence are able to look at the world through rose colored lenses, as I have written before white privilege allows one to make assumptions and not ever have to think about it, as I posted once before its simple shit like literally shitting where you want.

I have been Black all my life and its been my observation that whenever a Black persons bests a white person in something, no matter how trivial, the average white person gets uncomfortable. I won’t say all as my spousal unit is white and I know some good white folks but the vast majority only pay lip service to wanting to be equal.. in the end, for many white privilege comes into play.

At this point I feel like white privilege is too deeply ingrained in many Clinton supporters (where were these women when Hillary was being made to look like a fool while Bill was having not real sexual relations with Monica?), then again maybe just as I see bits of myself in Michelle Obama, perhaps these women see bits of themselves reflected in Hillary. Staying with a man, you really want to throw hot grits on when he has publicly humiliated you.. yet you stay because through him you can access power. However at the same time staying in a soul-less partnership drains you but at the end of the day, much like Scarlett O’Hara you believe there will be a better tomorrow, after all you are woman.. hear you roar. That was until that interloper aka Obama showed up. Ok, I admit I am getting goofy..not enough coffee yet.

Really though, the bottom line is that for me I believe white privilege is playing a large role in why some of the Clinton supporters cannot or will not support Obama. The pundits love to say Obama cannot close the deal, well unless the brotha gets a vat of white paint to give himself a makeover, with some folks he won’t close the deal and the sooner he accepts that and focuses on those he can convince to support him, the better off he will be.